Semi-radial brake master cylinder SR45 for Harley-Davidson


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A perfect blend of technology and performance thanks to the techniques of construction used to manufacture this superb semi-radial brake master cylinder. 10 years guarantee on the internal piston.

SR45 Brake master cylinder for Harley-Davidson
Semi-radial brake master cylinder SR45

From a solid block of premium quality swiss aluminium, Rebuffini created this innovative semiradial brake master cylinder for motorcycles.

Our SR45 brake master cylinder offers more performance maintaning all OEM functions:Oil tank incorporated

Oil level window
5 positions adjustable lever
Regulator lever in 7 different colours:
red, orange, green, gold, blue, silver and black
(supplied in black if no different colour has been indicated)
Ergonomic lever
Customizable lever ( we can engrave your name or what you want)
The inner bronze bushing permits no movement and oscillation of the lever.
Available with an incorporated brake light switch or without it.

Exclusive Collection item. The lever is customizable on request. Max 11 letters. No additional costs.
Our products finishes:

ANODIZING: The anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Our black anodized products are well-known for their black maintenance during the years (they don’t become grey or violet). Our secret is an indelible black pigment we use in this treatment that maintain the colour also at high temperatures. The same for all other colours.

CONTRAST METAL: This option finish comes after the anodizing process.The all black piece is CNC machined and the raw aluminum gets up to the surface to create a design and a movement on the piece.

CUSTOMIZATIONS: You can choose also a different colour finish. Our range of colours offer to enter in a world of possibilities. Also the matt black or the sandblasted finish are available.

We are the Artisans of Exclusivity.


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