Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer Triple Yokes (Black)


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This kit (Cafe racer) for Harley Davidson Sportster, made in lightweight CNC machined billet aluminum black anodized, replaces top and bottom triple clamps and it measure 8 inch wide. Plates steering billet in a new alloy to ensure stiffness and yield strengths. The holes lightening thanks to their special geometry, both on the top plate which the lower one can reach a level of unique lightness while maintaining rigidity well above the standard. Another important factor is that the holes are finished by boring, and not interpolation, thus ensure an exact fit between stems and plates that consequently turns into greater rigidity. Complete with steering stud, is mounted on OEM steering bearings. Kit ready for replacement, including shaft, wheel spacers support for the original lighthouse and dashboard. Clip-on bar are available with our code: 202304K and 202304R. Also available is the new bracket dashboard light alloy cod. 209012. Attention!: In case of combining code 209012 with code 202302, it is necessary to communicate this before placing your order. Complete with instruction ready for installation. As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible. For this kit spare parts are available.


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